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PizzaExpress Is Letting You Pick The Newest Flavour On Its Permanent Menu

Will Laksa Pizza or Salmone Affumicato E Spinaci Pizza win your heart and belly?

Photos: PizzaExpress

With over 500 restaurants worldwide, UK’s PizzaExpress unveiled their first outlet here in July last year and has since been serving freshly kneaded pizzas.

For two months, starting from 2 May, the F&B chain will be spicing thing up with a competition – “The Winner Takes All”.

Diners are invited to help decide which of their two new pizzas — Laksa Pizza and Salmone Affumicato E Spinaci Pizza — deserves a permanent spot on the menu.

In line with the PizzaExpress tradition, every country boasts a pizza made specially with local flavours.

Last year, Singapore introduced the Chilli Crab Pizza ($28) and it has since won the hearts of many, finding itself a permanent spot on the menu.

This year, diners will be treated to the Laksa Pizza ($26), a hearty blend of passata and laksa paste, mozzarella, prawns, mussels, squids, clams, fried beancurd, red chilli, quail eggs and laksa leaves.

Rich laksa flavours come through with every bite, with mussels serving as a tasty substitute for cockles.

Those who prefer a pizza with classic Italian toppings can try the Salmone Affumicato E Spinaci ($22), which comes with spinach, mozzarella, passata, smoked salmon, black olives and garlic oil, parmesan and a dash of fresh lemon juice.

The smoked salmon gives a pleasant savouriness taste to the pizza, while spinach adds a nice texture to every mouthful.

Those with a sweet tooth ought to leave room for the Lemon Tart ($10). The light and crunchy lemon cake is served with brûlée lemon curd and a generous scoop of pistachio Sicilian gelato.

The creamy gelato complements the warm fluffy lemon curd, while neutralising the sourness from the lemon curd.

Diners can enjoy the two pizzas, the lemon tart and two bottles of Super Bock (Portuguese beer) as part of the SuperBock promotion at only $74.

Don’t forget to also vote for your favourite pizza out of the two!

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