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Feeling Peranakan at Indocafe

Trying to avoid the hustle and bustle of Scotts Road, we found ourselves at Indocafe, a quaint and quiet place amid this hubbub

Being quite a conservative eater, I found myself surprising enjoying many of the dishes here. It is to note that because the dishes are Penang influenced, it is much milder but saltier than the usual Peranakan spread.

I enjoyed the fresh take of the usual Otah in this atas dish
I enjoyed the fresh take of the usual Otah in this atas dish

A twist on the classic

One of my favourite dishes was the Classic Penang Otah. As opposed to its name, the Classic Penang Otah is actually a spin on the traditional Otah dish. It was served in a bowl and had a texture much like chawanmushi. The spice was delightfully mild and the soft was decadently soft, complementing each other and going great even with rice.

Peranakan cuisine doesn’t get any more authentic than this!

Must-haves and must-misses

The Kueh Pie Tee is a common dish. While done well, it had nothing particularly memorable about it. I preferred having the filling and Kueh Pie Tee cup separately. The Ngoh Hiang, on the other hand, was a salty and delicious mix of flavours. It was one of the dishes that was restaurant standard yet with a touch of homeliness, a delicate mix that is not easy to juggle.

Their Braised Chicken
Which dish is the top tourist’s choice? Definitely the Ayam Buah Kelauk

The mains are unmissable

For me, the Rendang Sapi was one of their top dishes. The beef was very tender and well done, . The accompanying sauce was delightfully spicy yet tangy all at once. Being a person who doesn’t usually take spices, I found myself enjoying this.

Their Ayam Buah Kelauk has to be the headliner for this restaurant. The meat tasted wonderfully Peranakan; it was salty and intensely flavoured and the accompanying sauce was sweet. But what sold me on this dish was that it actually made the eater work for it – I spent a good five minutes trying to scoop the meat out of its nut shell. The work made it all the more delish.

Their Passionfruit Mojito is a nice complement to the equally flavourful dishes
Their Passionfruit Mojito is a sweet complement to the salty dishes

Always room for dessert

My meal ended with a Home Recipe Bubar Cha Cha, a common dish but with their own twist! The ingredients were yam, sweet potato, sago and most unusual of all – the banana. The tastes come together fragrantly, with yam standing out particularly.

Address: 35 Scotts Road, Singapore 228227

By Nicole Lee