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McGriddles Is Coming Back! The First 100 To Grab It Get Free Merch

Be one of the first 100 to taste it at the pre-launch event on 27 Feb

Photo: McDonald’s / Facebook

This is not drill – we repeat, this is not a drill – McGriddles is coming back to Singapore starting this Thursday, 28 February 2019!

Do you remember how a McGriddles sandwich tastes like? Don’t laugh; since McDonald’s took the McGriddles off the menu in 2015, we’ve only had that way too brief comeback in June 2018 to savour the pancake muffin sandwich, and we are this close to forgetting its taste. A chicken sausage patty and scrambled egg sandwiched between two maple syrup pancake buns – it’s a divine marriage of sweet and savoury with a dash of nostalgia that we desperately need back in our lives!

Photo: Erin Nichols / Flickr

So just imagine our pure joy when we found out that McDonald’s is bringing them back to us! Yup, it seems like McGriddles truly will be making a return to the menu, though how permanent it will be remains unclear. But who’s complaining? Not us! We’re counting the hours till we can finally sink our teeth into the yummy goodness again. And you don’t have to wait till 28 February, not if you’re willing to brave the Singapore Queue.

On 27 February 2019, McDonald’s will be holding a “pre-launch event” at the SpringLeaf Tower outlet, where there will be only 100 McGriddles on sale. If you just can’t wait, be sure to set your alarms and get up early tomorrow, because the event starts at 10am and you just know people will be lining up outside the door hours before.

Photo: McDonald’s / Facebook

The folks at McDonald’s must know how excited we’ll be for the return of McGriddles, because they’re really going all out to celebrate the release. At the pre-launch event, every purchase of a Limited Edition Sausage McGriddles with Egg meal (which costs $6) will come with exclusive merchandise. Hardcore McGriddles fans can get an awesome official McDonald’s hoodie with a minimalist silhouette of a McGriddles on the back.

If having bragging rights is not reason enough for you to brave the queue and get that sandwich tomorrow, how about that sweet hoodie?

For those thinking of buying, say, ten McGriddles for you and your friends, you’re a great pal but sadly that’s not going to work. Each customer will only be allowed to purchase one McGriddles set that day.

But don’t let that get you down; you can have a McGriddles feast with your friends at any McDonald’s outlet every day from 28 February! Until then, we’ll be dreaming of the fluffy pancake sandwich…

Photo: Lester Chan / Flickr