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McDonald’s New Breakfast Item Pairs Hotcakes With Crispy Chicken Tenders

Sounds like a meal we can wake up for

Photo: McDonald’s

Local fast food chains seem to be pulling out all the stops recently. It’s barely been a month since KFC unveiled its Red Hot Szechuan Chicken, shortly after the Japanese-inspired Ninja and Samurai burgers from McDonald’s. This time though, the Golden Arches is focusing on the most important meal of the day: Breakfast!

From today (23 November) onwards, you can order the new Hotcakes with Chicken Selects Extra Value Meal – an upsized breakfast platter from the usual breakfast combos we are used to, consisting of McDonald’s signature Hotcakes, along with three pieces of crispy breaded chicken.

The à la carte meal (without drink) costs $6.55, while the extra value meal that includes a hashbrown and your choice of coffee or tea costs $8.30.

Now all you have to do is wake up and make your way to the nearest McDonald’s outlet before breakfast timings end at 11am. If you’re feeling lazy, the meal’s available on McDelivery too.

Burger King, your move.