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This might be Singapore’s most amazing hawker centre guide

We just discovered what might be Singapore’s cutest and most useful hawker centre guide

In recent years, Tiong Bahru has been gaining quite a reputation as a hipster enclave. But there’s a giant culinary landmark here that young people often overlook – despite having some of the best lip-smacking local delights in Singapore.

Now, thanks to this revolutionary guide, nobody has an excuse to ignore Tiong Bahru Food Market.


Local design studio Bravo has set up their own guide to Tiong Bahru Food Market – but this is no ordinary food guide.

Sure, it shows you the layout of the Market in minimal, interactive and – my favourite – pastel detail:

Untitled 1

And you can see which vendors are hawking what tasty goods – drawn in the most adorable ways – just by hovering your cursor over the stalls:

Untitled 2

Too starry-eyed by the awesome clean graphics and endless new possibilities for indulging your cravings here? Don’t sweat it – head over to the recommendations page for a listing of the Bravo team’s Best Of’s, or simply use their meal generator to hit the yummy jackpot:

Untitled 3

But my favourite part of the guide?


There are little people milling about and queueing for their daily dose of food. That’s too adorable.

You can find this interactive site at www.tiongbahru.market.

Don’t you think we need more guides like this? I vote a map to the People’s Park area next. We all need a shining beacon to navigate the labyrinths of People’s Park Complex, People’s Park Centre, and People’s Park Market.

By Pamela Chow