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Shokutsu Ten wows with Japanese Street Makeover at Jurong Point

New Shokutsu Makeover in Jurong Point
Edo-Style Street Ambience kicks it up a notch at Jurong Point

Shokutsu Ten has elevated Japanese dining to a new level by simulating the buzz of downtown Tokyo and Osaka. Here’s what you can expect!


The competition is heating up in Singapore’s western front as Jurong is getting all the latest buzz about how it’s to be city of the future. With the launch of several exciting malls in the Jurong East area, many retailers are anteing up to maintain their wow factor in Jurong. And Shokutsu Ten at Jurong Point Shopping Centre is no different.

The Buzz of Downtown Edo and Osaka

After a $7 Million upsize and transformation, the 17,000 square feet space now includes two distinct themes: old Edo-styled (old Tokyo) street and modern Osaka-styled street which shoppers can experience.

At one end of the 17,000 square feet space, the quaint Edo-style street features architectural detailing and historic icons from old Japan complete with dangling ninjas, kite and Kabuki motifs. Old-style kiosks, which line the simulated street, currently offers “street” food and traditional Japanese crafts.

On the other sides of the space, flashing LED signboards, large Fugu (Puffer fish) and Octopus replicas dangle from the ceiling evoking the hustle and bustle of modern downtown Osaka.

The street experience is enhanced by ceiling painted to represent a blue sky with wispy clouds overhead. Adding realism to the experience, the “blue sky” is lit to simulate day and night real-time!

Collectively Shokutsu Ten houses eight restaurants – some new, some old, and 10 street food and handicraft kiosks for visitors to enjoy.

Old Classics

Diners can continue to enjoy their stable of Japanese favourites such as Green Pumpkin’s specialty Japanese pastries, Kuriya Japanese Market’s fresh sashimi and sushi, Men-ichi Ramen, Ichiban Boshi’s casual Japanese dining, and Wadori’s yakitori.

Another classic notable is Kuishin Bo’s “Authentic Japanese Buffet” where they serve endless sashimi, sushi, oden, and mochi desserts! This is heaven for Japanese seafood lovers with big appetites! That’s good news for Residents in western Singapore. They needn’t travel to the central area any longer to feast on great Japanese seafood buffet like this.

Updated Classics

Kabe no Ana is now named “Kabe no Ana –  The Café”. It offers their new all-day breakfast including Eggs Benedict and café-styled pastries in addition to their signature Japanese-Italian spaghetti dishes, such as spicy cod roe carbonara sauce spaghetti (Mentaiko Carbonara) and fermented soybean with spicy tomato sauce spaghetti (Pirikara Natto Tomato).

What’s New

Shabu Tontei is their newest restaurant offering Shabu Shabu (Japanese Hot Pot) with premium Kurobuta pork and wagyu from Japan. I can’t really tell how different the taste is, but it certainly sounds like an interesting twist using wagyu for hotpot.

Finally, the 10 kiosks lining the food street is a pop-up event space which will change depending on the promotional theme. Currently, it offers tidbits such as Japanese pancakes, chicken and squid kaarage (deep fried chicken and squid), Japanese rice balls, and a variety of Japanese handicrafts.

For residents living in the west, rejoice! Shokutsu Ten’s revamp is a fantastic addition to the revival of Jurong!

By Frank Young

Shokutsu Ten is located in Jurong Point Shopping Centre.

Black pork shabu shabu
Black pork shabu shabu
Natto with tomato spaghetti.
Natto with tomato spaghetti. Natto is not for the faint of heart or tastebud!
Koshinbo serves authentic Japanese Buffet
Kuishin Bo serves authentic Japanese Buffet