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Oysters galore at Momiji

Momiji celebrates Oyster Festival, a promotional menu highlighting their range of oyster dishes, prepared in eight different ways

Momiji Japanese Buffets is one of the new restaurants populating Revenue House. Being a prime restaurant choice for the working class, we could hear an endless hustle and bustle outside our private dining room.

We tucked right into their starring menu.

Oyster Lobster Mayo Yaki
The Oyster Lobster Mayo Yaki flew off their stands so quickly, it was a challenge to get seconds

Pearl of the sea

It was coated stunningly in melted cheese and finished with a side of Ponzu sauce. The oysters were fresh and free from the shell chippings that most oysters come along with. Seafood by itself can be predictable; the touch of cheese injected a new dimension of flavor in the dish. I easily polished off one after another.

If I had to choose a dish to decide Momiji, it would be their prized Oyster Lobster Mayo Yaki.

The colossal oysters and sinfully generous scallops were a sight to behold

For the seafood aficionado

If you aren’t big on oysters, worry not – Momiji takes pride in their prawns and scallops too. The prawns were not also big, but also exquisitely soft, borrowing a touch of saltiness from the accompanying sauces. But for me, the prawns were no match for the scallops. The mentai scallop was a hot favourite on our table. Oozing delightful cheese, the cooked scallop was intensely juicy and salty.

Presented here are seven different oysters prepared in seven different ways.

Back to the show

We bring the spotlight back to their star. Momiji proudly presents their idea of a true oyster feast for a king. Pictured above are seven different oysters prepared in seven different ways. Do you like your oyster doused in cheese? Have a Oyster Lobster Mayo Yaki. Do you prefer your seafood exotic? Pick their Japanese Apple Dressing Oyster. Do you want a hand in your own dinner preparation? Cue their Hot Plate Oyster.

Momiji Japanese Buffet, Revenue House, 55 Newton Road #02-02, Singapore 307987

By Nicole Lee