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Heavenly Prawn Noodles From Morsels’ New Dempsey Home

Dine in a homely yet eclectic space where fusion cuisine with a local touch takes centerstage

Photos: Morsels

Like a fairytale cottage hidden away from plain sight, Morsels is tucked in a rustic, barnyard-style home on Dempsey Hill.

The entrance, graced by climbing plants and a nondescript sliding door, opens up to a charming world of flowers and reupholstered wooden furniture.

Moving from its old home in Little India, the casual diner continues to surprise diners with its experimental fusion cuisine.

While fusion cuisine has suffered somewhat of a bad rep for its potentially confusing mashups, Morsels proves that when done right, fusion can be a harmony of well-thought flavours.

In the words of owner-chef Petrina, “I like to work with a variety of ingredients, teasing their natural flavours to release into the mouth a trained frenzy of sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami, tempering the temperature and texture, all on one plate.”

Here are a few of our favourite dishes:

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1. Wild Sri-Lankan Tiger Prawn Noodles, $25

Consider the Wild Sri-Lankan Tiger Prawn Noodles a richer and more robust version of your typical prawn noodles. Using smooth and silky rice vermicelli in place of thick yellow noodles, the dish is packed with intense sweetness courtesy of the grilled prawn heads, which make up the broth. Served with charred corn, grilled tiger prawns and a runny ajitsuke egg, the noodles offer a delightful blend of umami flavours.

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