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Elderflower or Red Berries cider for you?

After more than ten years in the market, the popular Strongbow Apple Ciders has refreshed itself with three new flavours and new 330ml bottle


Strongbow Apple Ciders, possibly the most recognisable cider brand in the market, recently launched three new flavours: Gold Apple, Elderflower and Red Berries.

New Variants to Enhance Flavours

A nice golden-yellow apple cider, the Strongbow Gold Apple is sweet and crisp with a pleasant green apple note.

The Strongbow Elderflower apple cider is infused with elderflower and lime, and has a sweet floral aroma with hints of fresh fruit. This pale variant also possesses a natural slightly tangy zest and fresh lime flavours.

A full-flavoured deep rosé, the Strongbow Red Berries apple cider is made with premium berries. It is juicy with hints of delicate berry and strawberry flavours. The sweetness of the apples is well-balanced by the acidity of the red fruits.

Strongbow Apple Ciders are authentic gluten-free apple ciders made from culinary apples. The new Elderflower and Red Berries variants enhance the flavours of the natural apple sweetness, giving it a more refreshing taste with a fruity cut-through.

These new flavours are available at Cold Storage and FairPrice Finest stores and several pubs and restaurants including Timbre, Privé and One 15 Marina Club.