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Shi Li Fang: New Singapore Hotpot Concept

We had so much fun watching the noodle show!

Hotpots doesn’t have to be a group affair, says Orchard Central’s newest hotpot spot, Shi Li Fang.

Shi Li Fang食立方 is a popular F&B brand in China with over 20 outlets in Beijing. New to market, this will be their first Singapore outlet and its scheduled to open its doors on Aug 26. With 6 different, yummy soup bases and over 40 hotpot ingredient choices, this place is set to be the next hotspot for Singapore hotpots.

We had so much fun watching the noodle show!
We were given a strip of dough and it was fun trying our hand at making it!

Soup for the soul

I chose their double-favored hotpot because I couldn’t decide on just one base. The combination of Tasty Mushroom Soup ($3.60/person) and Tonic Chicken Soup ($.80) that I tried out to be splendid. The tonic chicken soup was savoury and immensely flavorful. I kept taking seconds with the ladle and had to keep troubling the staff to top up the base for me!

Because of the dainty portion, I could finish a single serving. This alleviates the need to ask groups of friends to pool together for hotpots due to the usual large hotpots most Singapore hotpots offer.

Dibs on the dips! Shi Li Fang has, by far, the largest sauce variety we've ever seen.
Dibs on the dips! Shi Li Fang has an extensive sauce variety

Tantalizing the tastebuds

The hot pot also allows you to sample over 30 heavenly choices of dipping sauces, including ShiLiFang’s signature sesame sauce. Not to mention that all the sauces are free of charge. I personally mixed their sesame sauce with sesame seeds and it turned out to be excellent pairing with most of the meats.

Because Shi Li Fang commits to delivering all natural, healthy, sustainable food, it offers no MSG, no deep-fried, no pan-fried, and no stir-fried dishes. But understanding the varying needs of the consumer, they started a sauce offering of MSG, which I found very thoughtful especially for eaters like me who simply like more flavor.

We can see why the ShiLiFang chicken is their specialty!
We can see why the ShiLiFang specialty chicken ($5.80) is special

The star of my meal

My colleague didn’t manage to try more than three pieces because I wouldn’t stop hogging it. Each piece was delightfully chewy with just a dash of mala sauce – making it absolutely irresistible.

It goes perfectly with the sesame sauce, even the chicken bits even more flavor as the sauces blended wonderfully with the mala.


The ShiLiFang pork tenderloin set ($8.80) feels like the meat version of loveletters

Food, glorious food

Their pork tenderloins are succulent and tasty, complementing the sesame sauce and peanuts perfectly. The mushroom soup gave me an extra flavor touch, resulting in a great mouthful of tastes.

However, it is to note that the portions are quite generous so you can your +1 could share a plate instead of ordering two. This happens to be the opposite case for the specialty chicken – I almost had to order another just for myself!


Shi Li Fang, Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Rd, 238896

By Nicole Lee