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Cafe Nido: The Next Big Hipster Cafe On Thyrwitt Road

Gorgeous interior design, cozy seats and homely food — Cafe Nido has all the right ingredients to be the next big Hipster cafe on Thyrwitt Road

As light streams in from huge tinted windows, I couldn’t help but wish I brought a book along with me to go with my cup of coffee at Cafe Nido.

The beautiful new cafe along Thyrwitt road is less than a month old and occupies the space next to Hotel Yan’s reception. Blink, and you might just miss the chalkboard signboard placed outside, the only hint available to passersby that there’s a cafe inside.

Unpretentious food

With so many cafes in the market, it can be hard to stand out. Cafe Nido tries to do so by injecting local flavours into their menu.


You’ll find Homemade Laksa with Charred Crayfish ($12.90), Beef Rendang Shepherd’s Pie ($14.90) and even Salted Egg King Prawn Aglio Olio ($16.90).

I was surprised by how affordable the homemade laksa was, especially given the generous piece of crayfish given. The laksa paste is made in house with an aromatic blend of spices that was not too hot.


Aside from local fusion dishes, they serve cafe favorites too like the English Breakfast ($18.90). Even though it’s one of the pricier items on the menu, it is well worth it. The sausage was incredibly moist and juicy and the mushrooms were also plump without being soggy. The creamy scrambled eggs and tangy tomatoes tied the rest of the dish together.


The Nido Homemade Pork Burger ($18.90) is another standout. The succulent patty oozed with flavour thanks to the sneaky addition of lard. It could have used more sear to incorporate some smokey, charred flavour but when eaten with crispy bacon and sweet potato fries, it will leave you fully satisfied.

Better with time

Since the restaurant has only been opened for a couple of weeks, they still have plenty room to grow.  They are currently making revamps to the menu and are looking to start making their own desserts soon.

The staff, mostly young students, are a still inexperienced and tend to be a little slow to react. With more time, I’m sure that the cafe will live up to its full potential and be one of the hippest joints on Thyrwitt Road.

Cafe Nido. 162 Tyrwhitt Road Singapore 207581.