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Savour the Spring Harvests of Italy With Bar Cicheti’s Seasonal Menu

Spring is blooming on the menu at Bar Cicheti, Singapore’s first home-grown pasta and wine bar!

Known for their hand-made pastas, Bar Cicheti is bringing spring-inspired specials and fresh pasta options to their menu, paired with a list of equally vibrant and flavourful wines. This is thanks to restaurateur Liling Ong, Chef Lim Yew Aun, and sommelier Ronald Kamiyama’s love for the Italian springtime, and their collective work to curate a focused list that evoked their personal favourite memories – from driving through the hills of Tuscany to the seaside sunsets in Sicily.

Photo: Bar Cicheti

Spaghetti is a classic pasta dish, and for the Spring menu, Chef Aun has jazzed it up with the fresh harvests and bright colours of the season. Tossed in a creamy, spicy jalapeño pesto with pistachios and toasted pine nuts, and finished off with grated ricotta salata; the Spaghetti (S$28) was a wonderful dance of textures and flavours in our mouths.

Pair this with the 2015 CVNE, Monopole Clásico, a Spanish Rioja which has manzanilla sherry introduced during the barrel aging process, resulting in a nutty characteristic that lends itself beautifully to the roasted flavours of the pesto.

Photo: Bar Cicheti

We fell in love with the Tagliolini Nero (S$22/35) – a great choice if you love squid-ink pasta, seafood, or both. Freshly harvested squid ink is folded deep into the pasta dough, resulting in strands of briny, charcoal-hued goodness. Together with the generous portion of Hokkaido scallops, local squid, and Japanese uni coated in a prawn bisque reduction; this dish brings you a taste of the oceans.

Photo: Bar Cicheti

A unique Spring dish to try would be the Corzetti (S$28): a Ligurian specialty of hand-stamped medallion-shaped pasta dating back to the middle ages. A simple dish made with nothing more than slices of porcini and button mushrooms sautéed in a flavourful Marsala sauce, this is something both vegetarians and meat-lovers alike would enjoy!

Photo: Bar Cicheti

A plate of Bucatini (S$30) will transport you right to the picturesque meadows of Lazio. Thick, hollowed strings of pasta are tossed with spring peas, citron zest and topped with a seared Hokkaido scallop, in a hearty saffron broth.

Photo: Bar Cicheti

Bar Cicheti is also updating their menu with more vegetarian options, new pasta shapes and in-season ingredients; all available in either starter and entrée size.

We loved the Anolini (S$18/28): purses of pasta stuffed with taleggio, ricotta and parmigiana; finished in a beautifully rich brown butter sauce, and topped with caramelised onions and a sprinkling of hazelnuts. A dash of lemon zest in the sauce helped to brighten the dish and cut through the creaminess of the sauce.

Photo: Bar Cicheti

The Pici Cacio e Pepe (S$18/28) was a simple, yet delicious dish. The classic Cacio e Pepe is made with strands of hand-rolled pici instead; and spiced up with Sarawak black pepper, fresh marjoram and a squeeze of lemon to cut through the rich parmigiana. We loved the bite to the pici, and the creaminess of the dish.

Another of our favourites was the Agnolotti (S$19/29), with the said pasta stuffed with ten-hour braised grass-fed beef cheek and parmigiana. Hearty, savoury and full of flavour; this would make for the perfect meal paired with the 2006 Tenute Sella, Lessona (Nebbiolo blend).

Photo: Bar Cicheti

Of course, don’t forget about dessert! The Traditional Tiramisu (S$14) is a classic – and a delicious one, at that! Made with eggnog and layered atop an amaretto-soaked savoiardi biscuit, this dessert is full of rich, creamy, alcoholic heaven in every bite.

For a non-alcoholic dessert, go for the equally wonderful Cannoli (S$14). Delicate tubes of crisp pastry are filled with marsala wine-infused ricotta, candied citrus, cranberries, chocolate chips and chopped Israeli pistachios.

Photo: Bar Cicheti

Don’t worry about how small or big your appetite is: Bar Cicheti’s dishes are available in two sizes, along with a selection of new and signature antipasti and desserts. Wines at Bar Cicheti are available by glass, quartino and bottle, with Ronald and his team on hand to help you pick the perfect wine for any pasta or occasion.

If you’d like to savour the best tastes of the season, opt for the menu’s new Feed Me option. Choose from the S$68 or S$88 option and be served with 1 antipasti, 4 pastas and 1 dessert! Wine pairing and vegetarian options are also available.


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