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Recipe: Argentinian Tapas By Chef Diego Jacquet

Need a pre-party snack for your festive dinner? Try this Tapioca Cracker with Crab and Corn

Photo: BoCHINche



  • Tapioca pearls
  • 500g White picked crab meat
  • 300g corn / on the cob if possible
  • Ají molido / for coating crackers
  • Aguaribay (from Argentina) / crack over snack at last minute
  • Coriander oil
  • Coriander cress


  1. Cook Tapioca pearls until soft; then display in a tray, flatten them up and proceed to dry them up in the dehydrator overnight at 65.
  2. Once dried, break in pieces and fried a la minute to puff them up.
  3. Do a smooth puree with the corn in the thermomix & pass to a thieve, set apart.
  4. Once tapioca is fluffy, coated with aji molido (ground crushed red pepper) and set some dollops of corn, add fresh crab, coriander and finish with fresh cracked Aguaribay.

Chef Diego Jacquet

Currently Chef Patron at London’s ZOILO and boCHINche in Singapore, Diego Jacquet began his career in Buenos Aires in 1993, where he joined renowned Argentine Chef Francis Mallman’s restaurants as an apprentice.