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8 Places To Get Your Hands On Delicious Rice Dumplings For The Dragon Boat Festival

Whether you like your dumpling sweet or savoury, we got you covered

Similar to presents on Christmas mornings and red packets during the Lunar New Year festivities, Dragon Boat Festival’s bamboo leaves-wrapped rice dumplings share the common practice of swift, greedy fingers, unraveling treasures that are hidden under wrappings.

With our hearts still aching at the thought of the food wastage amounted from staying true to a folklore (apparently, dumplings were dumped into a river to prevent sea creatures from consuming a tragic poet), we gladly embraced the age-old Dragon Boat Festival by indulging in these rice dumplings in the comforts of restaurants or homes.

On that note, we sussed out eight places selling some of the best dumplings in Singapore, so that you can soon get in on the festivities!

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Photo: Yàn

1. Yàn

Yàn’s new culinary head Chef Lai is quite a stickler to Cantonese traditions, as gleaned from the restaurant’s latest offerings of the long-forgotten black olive sauce-slathered pork ribs and stuffed baked crab shells that Asian patrons usually order to demonstrate their wealth. So naturally, the Cantonese restaurant looks to the past to produce rice -dumpling classic of the Wu Jiao Zong Zi, or five-cornered dumpling ($10). Available until 18 June for dine-in or takeaway, the traditional Cantonese rice dumpling is filled with the treasures of braised pork belly, conpoy, dried shrimps and salted-egg yolk for those looking to fill their tummies with gastronomic gold.

#05-02 National Gallery Singapore 1 St Andrew’s Road, Singapore 178957 

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