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8 Festive Takeaways To Bring To A Chinese New Year Potluck Feast

You know better than to show up empty-handed

We love the idea of a potluck gathering – especially when it’s during the busy festive season. Everyone can pull their weight for the obligatory feasts, sans the petty slick talk about how this auntie’s daughter’s nephew’s sister-in-law was ‘disrespectful’ for not taking leave to ‘help out’.

So here is a list of eight tantalising items you can bring to these potluck gatherings. And the best part? Some of them you can get at the very last minute!

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Photo: The Golden Duck 

1. Salted egg yolk snacks from The Golden Duck

You can’t go wrong if you come bearing The Golden Duck’s irresistible gourmet snacks of potato crisps and fried fish skin strips ($7 per packet), both infused with the beloved salted egg yolk essence. With the salted yolk distinctly coming through, the thinly-sliced potato crisps are as light as air with every bite, while the fish skin provided a heartier crunch with oceanic flavours to boot. Just for the festive season, the munchies are held in a golden sheath, inscribed in auspicious Chinese wishes to rein in all the blessings. The packaging even boasts a nifty re-sealable function, so that you and your friends can continue binging later.

Available at various outlets and at the brand’s e-store

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