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Level Up Your Breakfast With These 8 Spreads

These unusual spreads will be your breakfast game changer

 By Samantha Francis

Waking up in the morning is tough enough without having to deal with a lacklustre breakfast. Make your homemade toasts and pancakes a little more exciting with these eight artisanal spreads, available in flavours that range from being cocktail-inspired to classics with a twist.


1. Kayamila Sea-Salt Caramel

Kaya specialist Fong Yit is launching a variety of innovative new flavours including the Kayamila Sea-Salt Caramel Kaya ($3.50). Taking inspiration from old-fashioned kaya receipes that used to contain table salt as one of its key ingredients, the spread combines bittersweet caramel, sea-salt and kaya for a rich and buttery spread.

Available at Fairprice, Sheng Siong and Prime from April onwards.



2. GoNuts Ginger Cashew

Love the warm spice from ginger? Be sure to try the GoNuts Ginger Cashew ($10), which comes with ingredients like organic ginger, cashews, macadamia nuts, organic honey and sea salt. The sweet and spicy spread pairs well with toast and tea, or can be enjoyed straight out of the bottle on a spoon.

Available at Crateful.


Speculoos cookie butter

3. Poppy & Co Crunchy Speculoos Cookie Butter

Sweet toothed foodies, make a beeline for the Poppy & Co Crunchy Speculoos Cookie Butter ($14). The decadent jar of spread is made from caramelised crushed biscuits and offers an added crunch with sizeable cookie bits within. It is perfect with pancakes, waffles, toasts, or even on its own.

Available at Crateful.



4. GSH Conserves Dragonfruit & Lychee Jam

Made by independent homegrown company GSH Conserves, the Dragonfruit & Lychee Jam ($4.90) matches the delicate taste of dragonfruit with the punchy flavour of lychee. This jam goes well with cream and scones, and can be mixed into yoghurt as well.

Available at RedMart and Naiise.


5. Nutteree Spiced Maple Pecan Butter

Go nuts over this decadent butter spread. The Nutteree Spiced Maple Pecan Butter ($15) is made of 100% pure maple syrup blended with pecans and freshly grated cinnamon. You can have it on waffles, fruits, oats ice cream, or pretty much anything.

Available at Crateful.


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6. Second Helpings Tak-Kiu Beenut Butter

The Second Helpings Tak-Kiu Beenut Butter ($14.90) is basically the flavours of your childhood, in a single jar. Made with ingredients like Milo, peanuts, sea salt and honey, the spread will help you reminisce your yesteryears — just enjoying a cup of Milo and a peanut butter lor-tee (sandwich).

Available at Hive Market.


7. Straits Singapore Sling Marmalade

Ever fancied having cocktails for breakfast? With the Straits Singapore Sling Marmalade ($14.50), you now can. The marmalade spread is a tropical and fruity interpretation of the cocktail made famous since its creation at Raffles Hotel in 1915.

Available at Crateful and Naiise.



8. Hunters’ Kitchenette Cashew Sesame Spread

Hunters’ Kitchenette Cashew Sesame Spread ($12) is dark, delicious and good for you. The spread uses ingredients that are natural, processed very minimally and without any chemicals, as well as coconut palm sugar and unrefined sea salt.

 Available at Naiise and The Hunters’ Kitchenette.