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7 visually-stunning foods that have gone viral on Instagram

Go crazy over these mouth-watering milkshakes, waffles and popsicles which have been all over our social media feeds

These days, it’s the battle of the most photogenic foods. Photo credit: The Urban Wire

For a long while, macarons in pastel hues and dainty rainbow cakes took reign on Instagram, easily garnering hundreds of likes. After all, the trend for visually stunning foods is here to stay thanks to social media aesthetics — tasting good simply isn’t enough!

These days, milkshakes, waffles and popsicles have all joined the party. Here, feast your eyes with the ones that have gone viral of late.

Benjamin Browns Bistro & Bakery’s Over The Top milkshakes

Question is, how do you enjoy these milkshakes without the toppings falling off? Photo credit: Benjamin Browns Bistro & Bakery

Recently, these decadent milkshakes have been all over my social media feeds with their swirly, fudgy and overall sinful vibe. Created by Benjamin Browns Bistro & Bakery, these milkshakes are aptly called ‘Over The Top’ for their extra, protruding ingredients that can range from cheesecakes to pretzels and even a cotton candy cone.

Each milkshake will set you back by $16 with flavours such as Nutella Banana, Coffee Avocado and Old School.

Forum The Shopping Mall

583 Orchard Rd

Singapore 238884

Cake Spade’s Cakeshakes

A fluffy dream and too many colours, no wonder they call it the Unicorn Cakeshake. Photo credit: Cake Spade

Rivaling Benjamin Brown’s Over The Top milkshakes are these Cakeshakes by Cake Spade, each costing a whooping $16.90. The Unicorn Cakeshake caught our eye with its rainbow sprinkled sides, slice of red velvet cake and cotton candy.

We can already envision hordes of girls going crazy over this. Other flavours available are Matcha Azuki, Mudslide and Vanilla.

Orchid Hotel

#01-06, 1 Tras Link

Singapore 078867

Neh Neh Pop’s Ice Cream Popsicles


Playfully called Neh Neh Pops, these colourful and textural ice cream popsicles, starting from $7, are the brainchild of Artichoke Restaurant.

Featuring various familiar and rather old school ingredients such as fruity pebbles, M&Ms and strawberry Pocky sticks, these popsicles are small enough for a mid-day snack and yummy enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. Flavours include Mango Sticky Rice, Rocky Road, and their latest creation, Milo Dinosaur.

161 Middle Road

Singapore 188978

Wimi Ice Cream’s Thai Coconut Ice Cream

The best kind of tropical treat — coconut ice cream with tasty toppings! Photo credit: Wimi Ice Cream 

Anybody who has been to Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market knows that there’s nothing better than quenching your thirst with some coconut ice cream on a hot day. Now, you can get your fix in Singapore with various specialised coconut ice cream shops popping up.

Wimi Ice Cream’s version is the most colourful of them all, with the widest variety of toppings we’ve seen, including peanuts, sweet corn, red rubies, water chestnuts, taro and even fresh pomegranate. Prices start from $4.90.


321 Clementi Ave 3

Singapore 129905

Dazzling Café’s Honey Toast

A whole mountain of toast, ice cream and fruits to satisfy your inner child. Photo credit: Burpple

With snaking queues and plenty of hype thanks to its various celebrity ambassadors, it’s no wonder Dazzling Cafe is the talk of the town. Go on a sugar high with their signature honey toast, basically a toasted bread cube filled with mini toasted cubes, and topped with fresh fruits, custard and ice ice cream.

If you’ve been to the Dazzling Cafe in Taiwan, we suggest ordering the Mango and Coconut Gelato Honey Toast ($18.90), a flavour exclusive to Singapore. 

Capitol Piazza

15 Stamford Road


Singapore 178906

Project Acai’s Acai Bowls

Have the best of both worlds with these super healthy and absolutely pretty acai bowls. Photo credit: Project Acai

Project Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is Singapore’s first dedicated acai superfood cafe. For the uninitiated, the acai berry is a superfood known for its antioxidant properties; taste-wise, you can liken it to a very mildly sweet berry taste.

The menu consists of both acai bowls and smoothies. Our pick is the acai bowl ($9.30, medium bowl), which comes with a heap of freshly chopped seasonal fruits, coconut, chia seeds, bee pollen, granola and more.

Holland Village

27 Lorong Liput

Singapore 277738

 Fatcat Ice cream bar’s Gourmet Charcoal Waffles

Chic black waffle, check. Salted egg yolk sauce poured over ice cream, check. What else could you possibly want? Photo credit: Samantha Francis

This is the strange black waffle invading everyone’s social media feeds — Fatcat Ice cream Bar’s Gourmet Charcoal Waffles with salted egg yolk custard sauce ($6 without ice cream). The waffle bears a crisp exterior, with no significant taste from the charcoal addition.

But watch the magic happen when you pour the salted egg yolk custard sauce; suddenly the creamy liu sha elevates the waffle and counters the sweetness of the ice cream.

416 Bedok North Avenue 2


Singapore 460416


By Samantha Francis