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5 Cantonese Specialties At The New Wan Hao

Refurbished in black and gold, the Chinese fine dining restaurant oozes with oriental charm

Photo: Wan Hao

It's 2016 and we ought to stop associating Chinese restaurants with swaths of garish red and gold.

As testimony to this shift towards elegant modernity, Wan Hao's recent refurbishment sees its transformation into a “House of a Chinese Scholar”.

Inspired by the ideals “Qin” (zither, 琴), “Qi” (strategy board games 棋), “Shu” (calligraphy 書) and “Hua” (painting 畫), the 'house' is decked out in dramatic shades of black and gold.

Wall-length calligraphy works line the interior, leading the eyes towards the beautiful booth seats, which resemble giant jewel boxes.

Cuisine wise, one can expect classic Cantonese delicacies worthy of the luxurious setting. Each dish is created with much thought and deliberation, offering full expressions of the fine ingredients used.

Here are our top five must-tries:

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5. Deep-fried Prawn with Black Truffle Mayonnaise ($35++ per portion)

Deep fried prawns don’t often pique my fancy, but Wan Hao has added a luxurious touch to theirs, making it truly hard to resist.

Fried to golden brown, each battered prawn is coated with creamy black truffle mayonnaise sauce. It was a crunchy, moreish delight to say the least.

Marriott Tang Plaza, 320 Orchard Road

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