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4 Places To Dine At During The F1 Weekend

Join in the exhilarating action by cruising through gastronomical delights

Don't let your bellies rumble like the roaring engines of the Formula 1 cars during the Grand Pix weekend!

Here are four restaurants you ought to dine at while soaking in the revelry of the fast and furious.

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Photo: The Summerhouse 

The Summerhouse

While a good distance away from the racing tracks, you’ll still get to taste F1-inspired treats at The Summerhouse, thanks to German Head Chef  Florian Ridder, who is apparently a petrol head himself! Paying ode to his idol – German racing legend Michael Schumacher, Chef Ridder will be whipping up five brunch specials that are executed with German culinary techniques on the weekends of 9, 10 and 17 September. Some highlights from the tantalising quintuple include the hearty Bollito Misto a la Summerhouse ($28) of caramelised apple, potato puree and brown onions, and Black cherry jam tarte with Lambrusco ice cream ($14). To further display chef’s adoration for the German racer, a vodka-laced F1-inspired cocktail ($18) called Michael Martini, along with champagne cocktail The Paddock, will be available during these weekends.

For reservations, please email reservation@thesummerhouse.sg or call 6262 1063.

3 Park Lane, S798387

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