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4 ‘Naughty’ Asian Fusion Dishes To Order At Xiao Ya Tou

The kitschy-cool dining concept offers an interesting mashup of modern Asian cuisine

Photos: Xiao Ya Tou/Weekender

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Xiao Ya Tou, which translates to ‘Little Lass’, is a common moniker in Chinese culture that can either be a term of endearment for a young girl or used deprecatingly on a servant.

And in the case of the namesake dining concept at Duxton Hill, its dual meaning is elevated to create a kitschy-cool space where ‘naughty’ (read: sinful) modern Asian cuisine and cocktails reigns.

At Xiao Ya Tou, more is more.

Garish red lanterns guide diners into a restaurant decked with South-East Asian influences that range from paper umbrellas to peony motifs.

A KTV-esque neon sign is pinned on a wall, directly across a cartoonised painting of a girl with bare breasts.

It comes as no surprise to us that the menu is decorated with an overwhelming number of retro illustrations, so much so that the text is barely readable.

That said, the food is interesting and palatable.

You’ll find classic zichar favourites like Drunken Flower Clams and Foo Yong Egg, alongside western-meets-asian dishes like Twice-Cooked Angus Pork Ribs.

While some of the dishes proved to be too greasy for our liking, these four left us wanting more:

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