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A glimpse at nudity in Singapore movies

Since controversial movie Lang Tong (pictures and review here) was announced for a public run from Mar 5, we’ve been curious about how much we’ve allowed nudity in Singapore movies. Let’s take a look at how our national cinema has portrayed the traditionally-taboo subject:

Bugis Street (1993)

Director: Yonfan

bugis 2
Screengrab from Bugis Street on YouTube


A collaboration with Hong Kong, Bugis Street explores the transvestite scene in Bugis before it became the popular shopping belt of today. It features Hong Kong actor Michael Lam in full-frontal nudity.

15 (2003)

Director: Royston Tan

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Screengrab from 15 on YouTube

15 is a purely local film about the lives of teenage gangsters in the Singapore suburbs, and features a full-frontal close-up of male genitals. It stars three real-life juvenile gangsters, and was largely unscripted.

Pleasure Factory (2007)

Director: Ekachai Uekrongtham

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Screengrab from Pleasure Factory’s trailer on YouTube

Set in the seedy alleys of Geylang, Pleasure Factory takes a daring look at subjects normally taboo in Asian society, such as prostitution and homosexual relationships. Singaporean actor Loo Zihan masturbates on screen in this movie.

Female Games (2009)

Director: Kan Lumé

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Screengrab from Female Games’ trailer on YouTube

This film treads boldly on the theme of lesbianism in its portrayal of two female models vying for the same career opportunities. It features some explicit scenes between the two friends, as well as with a sugar daddy.

Hush (2010)

Director: Jeremiah Oh

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Screengrab from Hush trailer on YouTube

Actress Evelyn Maria Ng returns from Female Games to star as Alice, a woman confused with her sexuality and caught between her family and friends. In this short film, Ng goes full frontal, with multiple sex scenes.

So, what do you think? Have Singapore’s media laws gotten less strict? Should they be relaxed even more? Tell us what you think!

By Pamela Chow