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Femme fatales: Lang Tong stars laid bare

With the public release of controversial local erotic thriller Lang Tong, we find out more from the film’s leading actresses who bared a lot of skin for their roles

Angeline Yap (left) plays nymphet Li’er, who seduces Zack (William Lawandi) into her evil scheme

It’s stuffed full of steamy sex scenes, featuring actresses Angeline Yap and Vivienne Tseng baring their bodies for multiple racy acts, but Lang Tong may not simply be a senseless pornographic movie.

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Lang Tong’s cast and its director, Sam Loh, stand firmly by the belief that it is a daring move for local film. The story follows Casanova conman Zack (William Lawandi), whose latest target is the alluring businesswoman Li Ling (Tseng). But when Zack gets hooked by her nymphet younger sister Li’er (Yap), he is coerced into a sinister scheme.

Weekender speaks to the two leading ladies to find out what they think about getting nude for the world – especially new mom Vivienne!

What made you agree to take on these racy roles?


Angeline: I took a while to consider if I should accept this challenge. But I felt that it’s okay (to do the explicit scenes), because this is an art film. Such movies are very common in other countries.

Vivienne: When Sam first approached me he had a lot of ideas – and they all involved nudity. For the right role, just like Angeline said, I would do it. I think he sensed that I was the kind of girl who would want to chop things up!

What were your first reactions to Lang Tong’s scintillating script?

A: The ending is very different from local movies, and the whole storyline has a different twist.

V: (evil laughter) Yes! Finally, a girl gets revenge on the guys. That’s why Sam chose me for the role!

What’s your favourite part of Lang Tong?

The lesbian scene is featured in Lang Tong’s trailer on YouTube

A: The lesbian scene. It’s something I’ve never done before, so it was rather challenging.

V: I thought the bathroom scene was very nicely done, it looked good. I also liked the opening scenes – with the slow-motion cutting – it was very “Dexter”.

Are you similar to your character in any way?

A: We’re both open-minded and daring. But Li’er is more scheming; I’ve encountered guys like Zack before, but I wouldn’t take revenge through such extreme measures! Also, in a relationship, I’m a more submissive woman rather than dominant.

V: Women are just schemers! I think we’ve all secretly thought about doing (violent) things. So I got to play out a fantasy, and it looked good on screen too.

How did you research and get motivated for your character?

A: I did some homework before filming. I went to watch similar music videos and movies, and it helped me get into character.

V: I drew a lot (of inspiration) from real life. Like everyone else I fantasise about sex, and I’ve seen several gory movies where I’ve wondered what it’s like to be in that role.

Another sexy movie showing now is Fifty Shades of Grey. What do you think of it?

A: It was quite nice, but I felt like the movie was all about sex. Not like Lang Tong!

V: I’m actually staying away from watching it. I read some parts of the book and I think what it’s expounding is quite disturbing. They didn’t even choose the best actors they could have. Imagine if they got Andrew Garfield, or Benedict Cumberbatch!

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Vivienne, what does your husband think about your role?


Vivienne is now a happy mother of a baby boy


V: He was most worried about whether I was comfortable, and whether the crew was being professional. You can’t help but feel you’re being judged. But Sam’s crew was completely professional.

What was your takeaway from Lang Tong?

A: Girls are not weak. People always see guys as the stronger gender, but girls are also strong.

V: Girls should stand up for themselves. You should think about protecting yourself – albeit with less extreme measures!

Do you think you’d be a liberal or conservative parent?

Angeline at the Lang Tong press conference last week

A: I would be more open-minded, but I’d also teach them what’s right and wrong. (I went nude on camera) for the sake of art; there’s nothing wrong because it’s just acting.

V: I have an image of myself as a liberal, open-minded parent. But when it comes down to it, I might end up being a little on the conservative side. On shooting a nude film, well, my child’s a boy, so I would feel like he has a lot less to lose. If it’s a girl though, I would seriously look at the script.

What’s your favourite local food?


A: I always eat veggies! I like fish soup.

V: I really love a specific carrot cake at Toa Payoh. That’s what motivates me to come back to Singapore every time I leave the country!

What are you working on that fans can look out for?

A: I’m looking out for future acting projects. I’m also doing some modelling events while working as a financial consultant.

V: I’ve been asked to go to Myanmar to be the face of a social campaign and a new gym! I’m really looking forward to that – it’ll combat my image as a mother. I’m also going to do more stunt training to specialise in action and stunt acting.

By Pamela Chow

Lang Tong is showing in cinemas now, with a rating of R21. Due to its explicit nature, the film is not recommended for everyone and is not for the young.