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“Dirty” Bread: The Latest Food Trend To Hit Singapore And 5 Places To Get Them

Messy eaters rejoice!

Have you ever associated the word "dirty" with breads? Well, a new food trend of "dirty" breads is all about that. Believed to have originated from Beijing, China, the name refers to how your face will look after biting into the bun, which is dusted with toppings ranging from matcha to chocolate.

Local bakeries and cafes have jumped on the messy bandwagon, and we tracked them down so you know where to go to get down and dirty.

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4. Duke Bakery

Aside from being priced similarly as the ones from Keong Saik Bakery’s, Duke’s Bakery also serves up two flavours of the messy buns, namely the Messy Matcha and the Messy Chocolate.

Available at all Swee Heng outlets islandwide including
#B1-61, United Square, 101 Thomson Road, Singapore 307591

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