Why You Should Pack Your Bags For Fiji Now

With direct flights from Singapore to Nadi that will take you to the paradisiacal archipelago in the South Pacific in just 10 hours, you should tarry no further with booking your trip

By Mavis Teo

Fiji is the stuff that inspires movies. In fact, the legendary Blue Lagoon (1980) that propelled Brooke Shields to fame was shot at Turtle Island in Fiji. The iridescence of the Fijian waters, the powdery texture of the sand and the lush, idyllic beauty of the tropical forests on land set the standard for all castaway-type of movies. To divers and lovers of marine life, there are even more reasons to visit Fiji. The waters surrounding the islands of Fiji are teeming with fish species and a wide diversity of corals, both soft and hard. It’s a heaven for underwater photography enthusiasts.


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Photo: Barefoot Manta Island 

1. Dive with Manta Rays

Visit the Yasawa Islands between May to October for a chance to swim or dive with manta rays. During this season, they tend to go through a channel in search of plankton to feed on. The resort closest to all this action is Barefoot Manta Island, making it the best base for seeing these graceful giants.  Led snorkel trips that usually take place in the morning will be organised when the rays are spotted. The manta rays swim very close to the surface, giving snorkelers the chance to see them up close.

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