#WeekenderWears: Rocking Athleisure

An outfit change, right after hitting the gym, should be a thing of the past

If the outlook of 2018 has you weaving in and out of gyms and fitness classes (because #fitnessgoals), then stocking up on athletic wear should be your next move.

But we're not just talking about threads that are exclusively for working out! Instead, outfits that combine the comfort of wearing exercise clothes with everyday settings. So that you can fashionably blend into a crowd at a mall looking like you've just finished a rigorous session of CrossFit.

Style aside, the great thing about activewear is its functionality, where you'll find pieces made out of breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics - giving you total comfort as you tone your glutes or fill your gut at a nearby cafe.

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Sabrina Cao, Chief Editor 

“Fashion is all about flaunting your personality, and this also applies to athleisure. One thing about this style is that you’ll find the clothing sporting fun elements such as little zippers, drawstrings, and a dash of logos, that give a fun zing to your get-up. Just like my personality, I’m big on colours and it shows in my outfit. Puma’s geometric-printed sports bra gives my ladies for support, while the Urban Revivo shorts add a spunk to the look with its shade of mustard yellow. Mindful of not appearing like a Christmas tree, I chose a pair of sensible white sneakers to balance out the bright colours.”

Top: Puma

Short: Urban Revivo

Shoes: Golden Goose

Watch: Fitbit

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