Three Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai in Winter

Winter is coming... Have you thought of where to visit this year-end? How about adding Dubai to your list?

Europe... The United Kingdom... Japan... Korea! These are the top few places that we can think of when it comes to Winter.

How about Dubai? Bet you do not know that there are a series of activities that you can do in Dubai during Winter.

Here are three reasons why you should visit Dubai this Winter:

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3. Soak up the Winter sun with Dubai’s great outdoors

Dubai can be really sunny and hot but it can get pretty cooling during winters. The temperature falls between 18 to 23° Celsius from November to April and you can take the chance to explore the other parts of Dubai during this season.

Some places that you should visit during this period include Al Qudra Lakes, Hatta, Al Marmoom Desert, and Global Village.

We highly recommend you to spend a night at Hatta, be it at a campsite, mountain lodges or airstream trailer hotels. Outdoor lovers can hike through the mountain passes and dry canyon riverbeds, take a dip in the rock pools or kayak on the stunning waters of Hatta Dam. This is truly an experience that is unique to Dubai.

Wildlife lovers can also choose to visit the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve. The reserve hosts hundreds over species of wildlife – from Arabian Oryx, Sand Gazelles, to foxes and wild cats. You can’t find some of them in Singapore!


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