Three Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai in Winter

Winter is coming… Have you thought of where to visit this year-end? How about adding Dubai to your list?

Europe… The United Kingdom… Japan… Korea! These are the top few places that we can think of when it comes to Winter.

How about Dubai? Bet you do not know that there are a series of activities that you can do in Dubai during Winter.

Here are three reasons why you should visit Dubai this Winter:

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1. There are plenty of Christmas activities for you to check out!

Festive markets is a key highlight of Christmas in Dubai. You can see festive markets at various venues across the city that sells an incredible array of holiday-themed food, exciting on-site activities and retail vendors selling fashionable items.

Beautifully decorated trees will also pop up across Dubai’s malls, hotels and top attractions with several venues hosting grand ceremonies to celebrate the tree lightings.

There will also be festive-themed performances that will take place from 4 December to 13 December 2019 where you can bring your family to. All these activities will only take place during the year end… so why not!

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