That One Platform You Need for All Your Holiday Shopping –

Shopping for the holidays can be so much more interesting and convenient when you do it online.

The benefits of online shopping are endless; apart from saving you the effort to carry the piling shopping bags, you get to enjoy all the great deals and discounts! That said, do you know that has a Christmas store for gift ideas across a range of categories? You can also check out their Cyber Monday deals right now (tomorrow's the last day, so hurry!)

There are millions of products across different categories at great prices for you to choose from. Whether you are buying a gift for a friend's toddler, a video game for your nephews or kitchen appliances for your mom, has it all! The variety is far more extensive as compared to many other online shops.

For a limited time only, customers in Singapore can enjoy free 2-3 days local delivery on eligible orders with no minimum spend (usually there is a minimum spend of S$40 to enjoy free local delivery).

If you enjoy shopping on, you should consider signing up for an Amazon Prime membership at S$2.99 per month (there's a 30-day free trial for new members too!) to get the long term savings on delivery charges. Prime members get to enjoy free 2-hour delivery with Prime Now and free one-day delivery with

Let's take a look at some great deals which we highly recommend for your loved ones:

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10. MAYER Air Fryer (MMAF88) Black With Silver (3.5L) , $88.00

Say NO to oily food and save your family from the unhealthy oil, heat and messy cleaning up with a MAYER Air Fryer.

Mayer Air Fryer (MMAF88) is simple and easy to use. You can easily fry any deep fried treats without using much oil. The airfryer uses rapid air circulation technology to fry food using less than 80% of oil without compromising on taste. Other platforms are selling this air fryer between S$98-S$299.

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