Tech Review: Free The Sound With Sudio Niva

Say goodbye to wires with Niva' lasting battery life and sleek Swedish design

Barely half a year after releasing the Sudio Tre, which are lauded for their minimalistic design and long-lasting battery life, the Swedish audio brand is back with their newest offering: the Sudio Niva. Touted as their first truly wireless model (think Apple’s AirPod or Samsung’s IconX), the Niva comes with some impressive specifications like a 10m range and a beautiful charging case.

Here are what we thought of the earphones:

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Connectivity & Battery Life

Wireless earphones are supposed to be the epitome of convenience, but how convenient is it truly if we need to keep charging them when they run out of juice ever so often? When fully charged, the Niva can last for 3.5 hours, and if you find yourself needing more than that, simply put them back in the carrying case for a bit. The carrying case is loaded with an additional four charges, bring total play time to a whooping 17.5 hours.

The earphone’s connectivity is as intuitive as it gets, taking only 30 seconds to pair our phone with the Niva for the first time. With a range of 10m, the Niva delivers on its promise to “free the sound”. Case in point? While our phone was charging in one bedroom, we were able to enjoy our music wirelessly anywhere in the house.

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