Tech Review: Asus ZenBook Pro UX550

The supposed gaming laptop is a quality device for business and work

When we first laid hands on the all-new ASUS ZenBook Pro UX550ve, we wondered to ourselves ''since when did Apple's MacBook Pro come in a shimmering navy blue?" Similar to Apple's MacBook laptops, this machine came in a complete aluminium casing with silver trimming on the edges, a fine touch to the overall appearance of this 1.8kg bad boy.

Compared to its predecessor, the ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501vw, this latest MacBook challenger definitely comes with a better build quality. The all-around rigidness of the machine assures users that they are not carrying around a play thing but a laptop ready to perform. This however, does not hide the fact that it is not perfect. There is still a fair bit of flex on the top panel and keyboard deck that may make you question the solidness of the product. Nonetheless, with a reasonable thin bezel and well crafted hinges, we are off to a pretty decent start.

For the ease of this review, let us jump into four things that makes the ASUS ZenBook Pro UX550ve a worthwhile consideration:

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Photo: ASUS

2. ASUS Tru2Life Video Enhancement

Found only in high-end televisions, the Tru2life feature works as a professional video editor improving each and every video frame in real time to give users the ultimate viewing experience. This internal video correcting system intercepts image and video signals that are sent to the panel before analysing each pixel to optimise brightness, contrast, colour and sharpness.


Initially, we thought that the processing of the image quality would lead to lag times during playbacks but to our amazement, the videos turned out to be more vivid, sharper and colourful.

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