Get A Higher Nose Bridge and Sharper Nose Tip Instantly with PDO Nose Threads

It’s clichè that nobody’s perfect but you can always become a better version of yourself!

It has never crossed my mind to do an aesthetic procedure such as nose thread lift and I can’t imagine trying the procedure since I do not know how nose thread lift is done. I did not think I will be brave enough to try it either. But as age catches up, you will always think of achieving a younger look and feel or better, yet a newer version of yourself. Putting up makeup alone is not enough as they do not enhance the features the way we want it. What we need is a magic wand with a little “wiss wass” and viola – pretty!

I have been doing a poll amongst my friends on whether I should enhance my nose to get a higher nose bridge and a little projection at my nose tip. Many still think that having a sharp nose bridge means going under the knife.

One of the most common suggestions received was to choose the right clinic and the doctor to go to. Lucky for me, I have already chosen my trusted clinic and it is The Aesthetic Central.

So after going through other people’s feedback, I have finally decided to pay a visit to my trusted clinic and undergo the nose thread lift and chin fillers procedure with Dr. Ryan Tan.

What is a V-Lift Nose Threadlift?

V-Lift Nose Threadlift is a non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure with almost no downtime. It is an option to obtain a higher and more defined nose bridge and nose tip without having to undergo invasive nose implant surgery.

The nose can be upturned through a procedure that uses PDO (polydixanone) threads to be placed under the skin, which has been scientifically proven to be fully bio-compatible and absorbed by the body. PDO is an ultra-thin (0.12mm) synthetic absorbable monofilament thread that is commonly used in fine ligatures and cardiovascular surgery. Due to its super thin nature, this treatment is much more comfortable and relatively painless. Collagen production is stimulated in the nose area where the threads are inserted. As the threads dissolve, they stimulate the production of collagen and tissue fibroblasts,  supporting the shape of the nose, sustaining that elevated, contoured appearance and high definition without undergoing a surgical procedure

How long do the results of the V-Lift Nose Threadlift last?

Depending on the patient’s body, the results of PDO nose thread lifts can last 12-18 months. Expert doctors will customise the treatment according to the patient’s preference and the area they want to fill. Hence, retreatment is required to maintain longer-lasting results.

How long does V-Lift Nose Threadlift treatment take?

The procedure is very simple and it only takes about 15 minutes to complete. It is one of the fastest treatments in Singapore for instant nose enhancement. With the right type and number of threads used in the procedure, you can achieve the desired nose shape in just one session with visible results right after the procedure!

What is the process like?

Firstly, I cleansed my face before the nurse applied the numbing cream. After waiting for 20 minutes, the numbing cream was removed. Dr. Ryan Tan proceeded to make a few marks on the spots to be injected.

Secondly, Injection of local anesthesia along the nose bridge and nose tip was administered to make the procedure relatively painless.

Next, a small needle to create an entry point to insert the nose threads into the nose bridge and nose tip.

Lastly, the insertion of the nose threads happened so fast that I did not realise that the procedure was over. I would rate the pain level zero if not for a mild discomfort around the surface area. I felt my skin tightening each time the threads are inserted but it only lasted for a very short time.

How was the result of Nose Thread Lift

Before                                                                             After

The nose bridge was lifted instantly. It was as though I rubbed a magic lamp and poof!! A higher nose bridge and a sharper tip appeared! Front, left and right – you can undeniably see the magical result of this treatment. More selfies to accentuate the better version of myself.


Just one session of nose thread lift gave me a higher, straighter, and more defined nose. Dr. Ryan Tan suggested doing some chin fillers to achieve the perfect look by proportioning my nose with my facial features. He explained that the nose and chin have a correlation and should complement each other.

How long is the recovery time or is there any downtime?

The procedure has no downtime because it allows you to return to your daily activities and work without any interruptions. It is very important to keep the injection point very clean. I was also advised not to keep touching the entry point or engage in dirty sports like soccer etc, where the entry point could be contaminated.

There will be mild swelling for between two to three days. There isn’t any complicated aftercare routine so I can continue my usual daily skincare with no restrictions, except touching the entry point for about a week.

Dr. Ryan Tan has a decade of experience in the aesthetics field that has helped numerous patients look better and regain confidence. His mission is to help every patient achieve a natural and youthful appearance with minimal pain. If you are interested and have the courage to try an aesthetic treatment, I definitely recommend booking an appointment at The Aesthetic Central with Dr. Ryan Tan!

Find out more about Nose Threadlift and other treatments offered at The Aesthetics Central Clinic here.

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