IT’S THE SHIP 2019, Asia Latest Sea Party is back!

IT’S THE SHIP, Asia’s largest festival at sea is back for the 6th year.

Some may consider this as a once-in-a-lifetime experience while others consider it as an annual event of fun activities, parties, and non-stop music.

This year it will be holding a FYRE Fan Club party inspired by the FYRE notoriety with Joe Flizzow, Yung Raja, Fariz Jabba, Irwan & Rico Greene and a special guest which, they will announce later. Do you also know that it is Sam Feldt’s Heartfeldt first Pool Party in Asia?

Here are some activities that you can expect when you are there!

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1. Alcohol

What is a party without alcohol? Auchentoshan is their official whiskey, Jim Beam as their official bourbon, Roku Gin for Official Gin, HAKU Vodka for their official Vodka and more.

However, if you love partying but not the alcohol, fret not. Their official beverage, Pepsi Black will be available too.

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