#HawkerTreasures: 8 Dishes To Try At Golden Mile Centre

The area code is home to not just Thai supermarkets, but also a one-stop centre for all your hawker eats

We’re all about value-added calories. And at Golden Mile Centre, you’ll be counting the numbers, one sumptuous dish at a time. Boasting two levels, the hawker centre has a long history of hawker fare since 1975 and till today, it still remains as one of the sought-after destinations for quintessential Singaporean food. Here, we rounded up eight dishes that you should try:

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1. Mixed Beef Kuay Teow ($5), LongHouse Lim Kee Beef Noodle

Though its broth may be rather light in appearance, the Mixed Beef Kuay Teow is anything but bland. As the white noodles soak up the beefy broth, we picked through the beef slices that tout a nice shade of pink –  a clear indication that the meat is cooked till tender. Also included in the mix are beef balls and tendon, making the noodle dish one hearty dish for a rainy day.


Unit no.: B1-21

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