#HawkerTreasures: 8 Dishes To Try At Golden Mile Centre

The area code is home to not just Thai supermarkets, but also a one-stop centre for all your hawker eats

We're all about value-added calories. And at Golden Mile Centre, you'll be counting the numbers, one sumptuous dish at a time. Boasting two levels, the hawker centre has a long history of hawker fare since 1975 and till today, it still remains as one of the sought-after destinations for quintessential Singaporean food. Here, we rounded up eight dishes that you should try:

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3. Yong Tao Foo ($0.50/piece, minimum eight pieces), Golden Mile Special Yong Tao Foo

We mean this in a nice way that there is nothing to rave or gripe about the food from this stall. It is just good ole Yong Tao Foo – homely and unboastful, a dish that conjures up memories of childhood days and homecooked meals by your mother. At the stall, you’ll find an assortment of familiar goodies, including fish cake-stuffed everything like bitter gourd and tofu!

Unit no.: B1-44


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