8 Newest Shampoos In The Beauty Realm For Different Hair Types

Your mane has a personality of its own, so get a shampoo that best suits it

It is important to know your hair and scalp type before deciding on a correct shampoo, because using the wrong type may possibly cause detrimental effects to your tresses. Imagine using a shampoo meant for dry scalp on an oily scalp! That could lead to the clogging of hair follicles, and eventually, hair fall! Yikes! If you are unsure of your hair and scalp type, just head down to any hair salons to get your crown diagnosed by the hair professionals.

If you already know your hair and scalp types, or just simply curious about the newest hair potions in the market, then you are in luck! We rounded up eight of such haircare products and even taken the liberty to tell you which one best suits which hair type.

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Kérastase Extentioniste

Source: Kérastase Extentioniste

3. Kérastase Extentioniste

Most of us are guilty of damaging our hair to follow the latest hair trend — bleaching our hair to oblivion just so to achieve that gorgeous shade of grey, or using heat tools to get that Korean perm. However, the painting is also as good as the canvas is right? What can we do to make sure that our hair is ready for such rigorous styling?

The latest formula from Kérastase is able to bring the canvas back to tip-top condition with Creatine R, the miracle ingredient that strengthens the hair from within by restoring the internal fibre structure of the hair, andretaining moisture on the outer protective layer of the hair. You will be able to see lesser breakage and split ends with just one salon visit.

Good for: Damaged hair

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