7 Cool Things To Do In Iceland

From witnessing the Northern Lights to setting off on an ice diving adventure, the Nordic island nation abounds with awe-inspiring attractions and thrilling activities

With dramatic landscapes of volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields, Iceland is easily one of the top places for tourists who are seeking to be one with nature.  The Nordic island nation can be also described to be a vision of contradictions, where fire and frost intertwine at primordial poles during dayless winters and nightless summer.

So discover Iceland's fiery ice-capped heart by indulging in seven of these best things to do there:

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7. Marvel at magnificent waterfalls

Thanks to the abundant glacial rivers, with ample rain and snow in the mix, there are thousands of waterfalls in all forms and sizes littered around Iceland. So wherever you may be in Iceland – good news – you’re bound to run into one of these natural water features. But for the most-hyped waterfalls in the country, look to the Seljalandsfoss in South Coast that plunges from a 63-metre height, the famous Gullfoss, or known by its moniker of The Golden Waterfall, and the Goðafoss boasting at 12 meters high and 30 meters wide.
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