5 Things Your Photoshopped Being Can Never Experience In Stunning Santorini


Question: Have you ever had wanderlust so crippling that you superimpose yourself on vacation-type visuals?

In light of recent events, Santorini was put in the spotlight under unfair circumstances. Also known as the supermodel of the Greek islands, the idyllic destination was but a tool for someone else's Instagram fame, where its beauty exploited to serve as a likes-generating backdrop.

Dazzling paranomas, sprawling vineyards, historical sites, a sleeping volcano, and guaranteed sunsets every day, Santorini is truly a place brimming with all sorts of activities and sights that you have to visit, in the flesh. And if you score a brilliant photo during your vacation, it definitely deserves bragging rights on Instagram. At least you aren't duping anyone!

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2. Hike up the sleepy volcano on Nea Kameni

A boat ride from Fira will take you to the wild landscape of Nea Kameni, where the ancient volcano resides. Though it erupted thousands of years ago, Santorini’s volcanic past is still very much everywhere as seen from the dark-coloured dirt and the presence of numerous hot springs. You can take a dip into these hot springs as the thermal waters boast high sulfur content for a host of healing properties. You being there gives you an incredible view of the gaping caledra from the top of the volcano.

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