5 Stylish Work-Life Bags For The Modern Lady Boss

These bags really mean business

We all love a power suit at work. Masculine, yet feminine, commanding but still soft when you don a silk ruffle blouse. What we don’t love, though, is arriving to work with ghastly bags in trove. We’re looking at you, bulky laptop bags and unshapely totes filled to the point of bursting.  But how are you supposed to find a roomy work bag to fit one’s barrage of work essentials? Here, we have narrowed five bags down for your consideration.

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1. Chanel Gabrielle Bag

Since its launch, the Chanel Gabrielle Bag was quickly swept up by celebrities and fashion purveyors alike for its chain-strapped quilted body in shoulder bag and backpack variations. Displaying Coco Chanel’s design quirk of borrowing from the boys, the it bag is said to draw inspiration from not only vintage binocular cases that men wear at the racecourse, but also the quilted jackets of jockey players. So what makes it great for office use? Not only is it roomy to put your junk in, the bag, made from exotic leathers, is durable like a pair of jeans – the more seasoned it is, the better. Plus, the Chanel Gabrielle Bag is unabashedly unisex as seen on Pharrell Williams. So boys can get in on the fun!

Chanel Gabrielle Hogo Bag, $5940
Available at all Chanel stores in Singapore

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