5 Places to Stop By In Shoreditch, The Creative Hub Of London

Make time for this part of East London the next time you head to London

By Mavis Teo

According to a recent Skyscanner report, London tops Singaporeans’ searches for European cities when it comes to holiday planning. This is not surprising given that the Mastercard’s Global Destination Index also lists London as the second most visited city in the world after Bangkok. Ask any Singaporean who loves London to reel off his usual hangouts, and he’s most likely to mention places in Central London like Borough market or Harrods and Covent Garden in West London, home to foodie havens of fresh produce and cooked food and high-end shopping and artisanal crafts. The east end of London is less visited, though it offers no less attractions, especially in Shoreditch where unbridled creativity with a heavy dose of cool and originality can be found in cutting-edge bars, ethnic restaurants and avant garde art galleries.

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3. Brick Lane

Human traffic at Brick Lane is always bad here but no one seems to care. There is almost a carnival atmosphere in this little Bohemia which attracts hippie shoppers, vintage dealers selling retro furniture and aspiring chefs hawking artisanal pies. Want a dress for a Grease themed party? Look no further. Feeling peckish? There are plenty of stalls here manned by immigrants selling ethnic foods from Middle Eastern sharwarma to Greek souvlaki.

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