5 New Sunscreens That Are Suitable for Singapore’s Weather

We have summer all year round in Singapore and regardless of age or gender, we should all know how to protect ourselves against the harmful UV rays.

If you do not protect yourself well against the harmful rays, not only will your skin tone become a few shades darker, you will age faster as well. Therefore, sun protection is one of the best anti-aging products around! With that said, let us take a look at the latest sunscreens that were recently launched in Singapore.

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1. Crystal Tomato Beyond Sun Protection

Crystal Tomato Beyond Sun Protection SPF 75+ ($78.80) was launched just last month. It took Crystal Tomato’s company 5 exhausting years to develop this. Other than providing you with the highest protection against harmful effects of UV Rays, Beyond Sun is capable of shielding your skin from blue light and pollution too. Let’s not forget that the devices we use every day – our phones, computers, and television emits blue light. Do you know that blue light can cause hyperpigmentation, redness, and inflammation too? Other than acting as a sunscreen, Beyond Sun Protection also acts as a moisturizer and a lightening cream. A clinical study was done and it was shown that the skin moisture level can be increased by 32% after 27 days of use.

Available at Tangs, authorized medical aesthetic clinics and selected premium spas.

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