5 Luxury Home Appliances That Will Make You Go ‘Wah!’

Home is where the heart is, so why not make it the best?

With Singapore pushing towards being a Smart nation, more and more home appliances are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Such appliances have helped us reduce the burden of household chores, while providing greater convenience in our lives.  Here, we picked out five high-end home appliances that will change your lifestyle at home:

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5. Follett 7 Series Ice and Water Dispenser 

With Singapore’s unbearable heat, it is almost a necessity to have a ready supply of ice from your refrigerator to keep cool. Yet, the fridge’s ice maker may take a while to produce the quantity of ice you need, leaving you at the mercy of the weather. Follett’s 7 series ice and water dispenser will never let you face that situation again. With this compact but powerful machine, you can be assured to get ice cold water and ice cubes at any time of the day.

Drainless Design

The drainless design of the 7 Series Ice dispenser allows it to be placed anywhere a water line can be run and saves you the cost of installing a drain. The top of the dispenser can withstand a weight of 16kg, giving you the option of putting your coffee maker on top of it.

Chewblet Ice

Yes, the ice cubes are not the gargantuan massive chunks but they come in the form of soft, chewable compressed nugget ice. With its automatic empty drip tray, the machine alerts owners to clear the tray should it be completely filled with water or ice.

Agion Antimicrobial Protection

The antimicrobial protection present allows a sanitary way of dispensing ice. This reduces the chances of contamination and ensures that the ice produced is always safe.

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