5 Glamping Destinations That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Now you can go on a camping vacay without all the hassle

With our increasingly hectic lifestyles, many of us crave for the time away from all the stress of working life and to just escape reality for a while. And so, introducing to you: Glamping. You may already be familiar with it; it is a chance for you to escape society without all the discomfort. The idea is to strip away all the not necessarily “fun aspects” of camping such as pitching a tent, sleeping on uneven terrain, putting up with unpredictable weather (Disclaimer: There are still loads of people who love all these aspects of camping. Kudos to those real campers!) We’re talking about people who enjoy the idea of camping but just without all the gritty elements. Here are some of best spots for all you glampers!

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3. Tiger Tops Karnali Lodge, Nepal

Karnali Lodge is a place of extraordinary beauty and abundant wildlife that packs a journey of adventure and an opportunity to reconnect with nature. Located at the Bardia National Park which is the largest preserved wilderness area in Nepal, you’re set to lock eyes with a whole range of unique jungle animals. The rooms have been designed to impact the environment minimally and as part of their commitment to responsible tourism, the entire lodge is run on solar energy!

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