10 Of The Most Gorgeous Looks From The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017

Feast your eyes on ridiculously expensive and blinged-out lingerie-costumes on the runway

Ahead of its 28 November broadcast, guests present at the annual Victoria’s Secret Show 2017 were treated to the appearances of some 50-something Angels, who strut their stuff down the runway in elaborate getups worth more than a HDB flat.

This is also the first for the extensive runway show to be held all the way in Shanghai, alongside the lingerie brand’s decision to cheese a record seven Chinese-origin models this time round.

The spectacular of boobs, bums and legs for days is not without a bit of the drama, as seen by China model Ming Xi who went down with her floral wings after stepping on the flowy dress.

Photo:David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock

Not to worry as glamazon was up on her feet in no time, composed and still beautiful with her Instagram followers doubled overnight.

Here are 10 of the most gorgeous looks in from victoria’s secret 2017:

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Photo:Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Victoria’s Secret

1. Alessandra Ambrosio

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