Night Safari’s New Baby Elephant Is The Cutest Thing

Here’s a little midweek pick-me-up – Night Safari’s newest cutie

By Pamela Chow; Photos: Courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Image 2 - NS baby ele_WRS

Visitors to Night Safari can soon catch sight of its adorable newcomer: a two-month old baby bundle of joy will be joining the adults in the elephant exhibit.

Image 1 - NS baby ele_WRS

Image 1_NS baby ele debut_WRS

Born to Chawang – Night Safari’s biggest animal and often regarded as King of the Night Safari – and Sri Nandong, the little princess has proven to be inquisitive and intelligent, and is an avid fan of all things wet. She has been seen to bound at every chance to slosh about in her play pool, following that with a roll in the sand.

Image 7_NS baby ele debut_WRS

Image 4_NS baby ele debut_WRS

The yet-to-be-named calf surprised keepers on 12 May, when she bounded into the world earlier than expected. Sri Nandong had only been pregnant for 19 months, when usual gestation is closer to 22 months.

The little one will join five other elephants the exhibit, including her brother, 15-year old Sang Wira.