These Before And After Photos Are Surprising And Heartwarming

In an age where everyone strives for picture perfection on social media, these young women are bucking the trend

By Nicole-Marie Ng



In China, it’s common practice for urbanites to leave the city to return to their hometowns – often the rural countryside – during the Chinese New Year break.

For a society that places plenty of emphasis on looking polished and ‘saving face’, what’s surprising and refreshing is a group of women who have willingly traded in high heel shoes for work boots, blazers for puffy jackets and makeup for a bare face, and documented their transformation on social media.





Many of these ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures show them getting down and dirty in the countryside, helping out with farming and mucking out hay.

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Though the pictures are stark contrasts, we think it shows off a more down-to-earth, yet empowering, side of Chinese women and showcases their dual identities as city dwellers and humble country girls striving to make a better life for themselves and their families.