7 Pop-Up Restaurants We Want To See In Singapore

When are these gonna pop up in town?

By Pamela Chow

Pop-up restaurants are few and far between, but when they do happen, they tend to be massively popular. Combine the charm of novelty with the limited-time-only lure that sparks our kiasu hearts, and you'll get the recipe for an unforgettable dining experience.

We've recently gotten a taste of pop-up concepts like the Pokemon Cafe and theatrical dining company Andsoforth's projects, but we're craving for more. Here are seven of the most fascinating pop-up restaurants we want to see in Singapore.

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Photo: Eenmaal / Facebook

2. Eat by yourself

Eenmaal created a pop-up restaurant in Amsterdam in 2014 designed to accommodate only solo eaters. Its aim was to remove the social stigma of eating out without a companion. Every single table was designed for just one diner – even the interior was left raw and no-frills.

If you think you could get past by gluing your eyes to your phone, tough luck. Eenmaal doesn’t offer WiFi to its patrons.

If done in Singapore: Make sure there’s no 4G connection either. In fact, just confiscate all phones at the door.

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