5 National Day Travel Destinations S’poreans Love

Where do Singaporeans like to jet off to over the National Day holiday? Travel agencies weigh in on our favourite destinations

While plenty of us look forward to celebrating Singapore’s 51st birthday at the parade or with family in front of the TV, some might be thinking of a quick getaway.

If you’re curious to know where Singaporeans are flocking to this week, here are the five most-searched destinations recorded on travel search engine Skyscanner for travel between 5 to 9 Aug this year.

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With the success of drama series “Descendants of the Sun”, locations near Seoul like the Samtan Art Mine in Gyeonggi Province are seeing higher visitor numbers. (Photo: Starz Candy Facebook)

5. Seoul, South Korea

A new entry in Skyscanner’s list of top searches during the National Day period, the city of Seoul has rocketed in popularity this year. One might attribute this emergence to the surging success of Korean drama “Descendants of the Sun”, which was broadcast earlier this year and took the region by storm.

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Some filming locations of “Descendants of the Sun” lie near the city, and avid fans can look out for these while visiting Seoul. For example, the Samtan Art Mine, which was the setting of Uruk’s earthquake disaster site, is located in Gyeonggi Province, half an hour by car from Seoul. The gallery was converted from a real abandoned mine, and today houses art exhibition spaces.

Also in Gyeonggi is the Camp Greaves Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) Experience Centre, which is just 2km away from the actual DMZ. In the drama, Camp Greaves served as the soldiers’ base when they were not on missions.


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