5 National Day Travel Destinations S’poreans Love

Where do Singaporeans like to jet off to over the National Day holiday? Travel agencies weigh in on our favourite destinations

While plenty of us look forward to celebrating Singapore’s 51st birthday at the parade or with family in front of the TV, some might be thinking of a quick getaway.

If you’re curious to know where Singaporeans are flocking to this week, here are the five most-searched destinations recorded on travel search engine Skyscanner for travel between 5 to 9 Aug this year.

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Denpasar, the capital of Bali, has retained its popularity as the second-most searched. (Photo: Shutterstock)

2. Bali, Indonesia

For those craving a simple and fuss-free vacation, Bali often jumps to mind, as evidenced by its high spot on Skyscanner’s search rankings during this period. More specifically, the capital city of Denpasar registers the most, and while it may not be the tropical paradise that many picture Bali to be, it is as much a part of the island’s charm as the paddy fields and temples.

Travellers head to Denpasar for its shopping malls and serene parks, but more recently, its restaurant and café scene has become a trove for contemporary yet authentic finds. While warung (humble family-owned eateries) still remain popular, modernised cafés serving local must-haves, like grilled chicken with lemongrass and spices, as well as deep-fried calamari, are starting to draw in big spenders.

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