These Genting Arcade Parks Have Over 400 Retro Games

The 90s called, they want their Para-Para and Street Fighter back

Photos: Courtesy of Resorts World Genting

I can still remember rushing to the arcade after school and scoring #1 on the leaderboard of Silent Hill, only to be told my hard-earned ticket stubs could only be exchanged for a measly rubber ball. Still, those were fun times I’d gladly relive again.

If you’ve got a good hankering for nostalgia too, check out these two retro video game parks in Genting, which are stocked with more than 400 old-school arcade machines.



Photo: Sixth Seal

Called Vision City and Funtasty World, these arcades have more than 20,000sq ft of blasts from the past like Rambo, Star Wars, Bass Fishing, Namco Drums and Go-Kart simulators.

If you’re more ‘avant garde’ and prefer the newer games, well, there are 400 to choose from.


Try out Dark Escape 4D, a video simulation machine that completely immerses you into a hi-def horror setting. The pistol grip will monitor and display your heartbeat on the screen, so don’t panic if you hear something approaching from behind and feel its breath down your neck.


Or take a gander at Transformers: Human Alliance, where you can team with your favourite Autobot from the movies – Optimus Prime, Bumblebee or Sideswipe – to fight the Decepticons in quick-time events.

Funtasy World is located on Level T2B of First World Plaza, and Vision City on Level 4 of Genting Grand.

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