The great spa escape


Malaysia’s spas know achievers need energy, and just how to restore tired minds and bodies


The demands of daily life can really take their toll on you. In today’s world, time is money and constantly working against
a deadline can drain your energy and send your stress levels sky-high. Yet you are expected to perform at your best, day after day.

This is only possible if you clear your mind and recharge your body and spirit from time to time. In the workplace, success and energy go hand in hand.

Malaysia has lots of options for you to reinvigorate your entire being.

A spa in the midst of nature is a heavenly experience
A spa in the midst of nature is a heavenly experience

A Soothing Escape

Fortunately, when burnout threatens, you can escape to one of Malaysia’s many world-class spas.

You can find these great spas at resorts, beauty salons and even schools!


The treatments can be gentle enough to relax and soothe your body, or be sufficiently tough to get rid of toxins in your body. It is your choice.

A spa takes you to a place where you find peace. This is especially great if you are overwhelmed with work or need to get away from the daily grind.

The spa treatments can put a healthy glow on your face and a spring in your step. They can even be such transforming experiences that you leave with a new perspective on life.

These spas usually offer many different kinds of treatments, including steam baths, aromatherapy, body wraps, massages, nail care, skin exfoliation, yoga and meditation, hair treatments and even waxing.

There are many types of programmes and treatments to soothe your mind and heal your body
There are many types of programmes and treatments to soothe your mind and heal your body

Eat Your Way to Health & Energy

A stay at a good spa can be life-changing. Apart from massages and treatments, patrons can learn how easy it is to eat healthy and the importance of taking care of their bodies.

Once they leave, they will be able to make better decisions on their diet and lifestyle. Follow-up consultations are often part of the treatment.

Many people who are struggling to lose weight also find their answer in a spa. Once you have established a healthy eating pattern and lifestyle, the weight comes off and stays off.

Quality Treatment

The hotel and spa industry is setting new quality standards all the time. Ayurvedic treatment, Balinese pampering or a traditional Malay massage, are all on the menu at the many of these centres.

Spa therapists and practitioners aim to give you nothing less than a full and varied non-medical health treatment. Programmes designed around specific client needs are also available and growing in popularity.

A few of the many great spas that you may visit in Malaysia are The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort in Berjaya Hills, Four Seasons Resort Langkawi, Mines Wellness Hotel, The Andaman Langkawi, The Berjaya Langkawi Beach and Spa Resort, and The Westin Langkawi Resort and Spa.

What are you waiting for? Take a good break and rejuvenate your being now.

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